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QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Education Level Based On The History You Know?

How well do YOU know the past? Read Entire Story

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Southern Slang?

Yankees, don't even try. Read Entire Story

QUIZ: Can You Name These American Animals?

Just what the heck IS a prairie dog? Read Entire Story

Signs of anxiety | recognize the symptoms

dark feelings How do I know I have anxiety? You may be showing the signs of anxiety if the feelings or behaviors below affect your everyday life: Worrying about everything Feeling negative Feeling restless or irritable Find it hard to do everyday activities like work and study Lack of concentration Difficulty sleeping and/or relaxing Avoidance behavior Physical symptoms like heart palpitations Irrational thinking Have muscle pain … Read Entire Story

Preventing panic attacks

Positive Mind Map Print this page, stick it somewhere you can easily see it, and look at it each day as a positive mind map to reinforce what you need to feel about yourself and your life. Staying positive and fearless goes a long way towards preventing panic attacks. Read Entire Story

Positive Affirmation

Say these seven words every day to hot-wire it into your brain Say it and believe it will happen and be fearless Read Entire Story

Tool of the Day

Are all your thoughts of worry really yours? Ask “Who does this belong to?” Check out Dain’s video on how you can let those thoughts go.   Do this for a minimum of 3 days and see how it changes for you. Read Entire Story

Today’s Mantra: I am Healthy, Happy, & Safe

Today’s Mantra is “I am Healthy, Happy, & Safe.”  Repeat this as many times as possible today as you can.  If you start to worry about your health, start saying this phrase to change your thoughts. Read Entire Story

Distract Yourself

Now that it looks like social distancing will continue through April 30, it’s important you find a way to distract yourself to keep your mind from going to panic.  If you choose to watch a movie or TV show, I’d suggest watching a comedy.  Happiness is one of the best cures for panic attacks.  Stay way from the … Read Entire Story

Anxiety Help: How To Free Yourself From Fear And Panic Attacks – Medical Daily

Medical DailyAnxiety Help: How To Free Yourself From Fear And Panic AttacksMedical Dailyanxiety disorder Anxiety and fear may hold you back from doing everything you want to do, but it doesn't have to. Pixabay, Public Domain As a social worker in an outpatient psychiatric clinic, I was supposed to be helping people like me and I felt like … Read Entire Story

Zayn Malik Cancels Set at Summertime Ball Due to Anxiety – Vanity Fair

Vanity FairZayn Malik Cancels Set at Summertime Ball Due to AnxietyVanity FairZayn Malik, who was scheduled to play at Summertime Ball 2016 in London Saturday night, called off his show due to anxiety. The singer explained the cancellation through a note he posted on Twitter. “Unfortunately, my anxiety that has haunted me …Zayn Malik Cancels Summertime Ball Set: 'I Have Suffered the Worst Anxiety of My Career&# Read Entire Story

Women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety as men – Business Insider

Business InsiderWomen are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety as menBusiness InsiderResearchers and I at the University of Cambridge wanted to find out who is most affected by anxiety disorders. To do this, we conducted a systematic review of studies that reported on the proportion of people with anxiety in a variety of contexts …Women more likely to suffer anxiety than men: StudyThe Nationall 2 news articles » Read Entire Story

Neuroenhancement of Exposure Therapy in Anxiety Disorders.

Although exposure-based treatments and anxiolytic medications are more effective than placebo for treating anxiety disorders, there is still considerable room for further improvement. Interestingly, combining these two modalities is usually not more effective than the monotherapies. Read Entire Story