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Anti-Depressant Medication Not The Only Answer

Despite having abundant choices in the range and quantity of food available to us, our society as a whole continues to make poor decisions regarding our diet. Never before in human history has information about health and nutrition been so readily available, clearly written in lay terms and accessible from our home computers, and never before has western society been so unhealthy and depressed. Everything is readily available for people to choose fitness, health and mental well being as part of their life path, and yet depression robs millions of people of meaningful careers, family life, peace of mind and simple happiness.

Treatment for depression is hard to find because of all the different types of medication, it can take time for the right tablets to be found for you. Doctors believe the quickest way to fix depression is through medications, but there are better methods then popping a pill. By choosing counseling, depression sufferers are making a conscious choice to take back some control over their lives, and the role of diet and nutrition is now being seriously considered as another treatment option.

In order for the brain to function properly, the body needs healthy, nutritious foods to help create a chemical balance in the brain. It is true this can be achieved quickly and easily by anti depressants, but now there is strong evidence that diet and nutrition go hand in hand with mental health.

To prevent neural tube defects in unborn babies, it is essential for pregnant women to take vitamin B9, which also helps in the creation of healthy new cells. Research into depression has shown that people that are deficient in vitamin B and other vitamins such as those rich in antioxidants as well as B12 are more prone to suffer from depression. In fact, research into Vitamin B deficiency shows that the first symptoms are mood swings, insomnia, changes in appetite and impaired drug metabolism. When corrected, the benefits were relief from anxiety and restlessness, symptoms associated with depression.

Already known to assist children with ADHD and other learning difficulties in improving academic performance, Omega-3 has also been identified as having a beneficial effect on depression sufferers. The human brain is comprised of 60{469390b6394adac8732ab759dd553e726854a6c7964b69450d6f7f25a7965e2d} fats, and approximately half of that fat is DHA omega 3, the fuel the brain needs to function, and when it is not present, diminished performance in all areas results.

The loss of these vitamins from our diet contributes to the feelings of depression. Anyone who suffers from depression would benefit from a change in diet and taking these vitamins will also help. While you may need to stay on anti depressants for awhile, if you are seeing a psychologist, they can help you to work through the deeper reasons for the way you feel.