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What Are The Symptoms Of GAD?

If you are the kind of person who worries about things that, in reality, are unlikely to take place or you often feel worried, anxious or tense all day long when there is really absolutely no reason to, then you are displaying a few of the symptoms of GAD. Everyone has fears and worries about[Read full article…]

GAD Goes Hand in Hand with Other Disorders

GAD or generalized anxiety disorder is a condition that is characterized by excessive worrying and anxiety over any number of things that are typically not topics of concern for the average person. Someone afflicted with GAD will typically find daily events cause him or her to be overwrought with anxiety. In addition, the level of[Read full article…]

Dealing With Your GAD

Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD symptom is a very serious matter to deal with. Living in such a cruel world, it is quite inevitable that there are some people who are quite vulnerable with the little challenges that come into their lives. There are times when these little challenges put them into severe anxieties and[Read full article…]

Choosing The Right Treatment

In trying to cope up with GAD symptoms, the right treatment must be chosen wisely. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) symptoms create a devastating effect on any person. Well, any person who is in a state of severe anxiety finds it really hard to cope up with the real world. It is quite evident that the[Read full article…]

Start Living Happily

There will be a period in your life when generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) symptoms can shatter everything in an instant. GAD symptoms may not be as impulsive as a heart attack or as grave as cancer, but it has the ability to remove your peace of mind and fill your life with irrational fears. In[Read full article…]

The Fear of Consequences

GAD Sufferers constantly live the fear of consequences; a pointless fear, based on what ‘might happen’ but hardly ever does. This fear comes from the anxiety response as a result of certain physical and mental changes, which happen during high anxiety. In GAD, these changes cause sufferers to feel threatened much of the time, even[Read full article…]

Cope With GAD

It is normal for anyone to get worried but when these worries become constant and irrational, interfering with your daily life in general, you may want to check with your mental health doctor for a condition called GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Do you simply worry too much? Do you feel so anxious all day[Read full article…]

Treatment options

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is becoming a more common problem as the pressures of life grow more challenging. Looking at the fallout from the recession, you can see increasing insecurity as people fight to keep a job, keep their homes, and put enough food on the table. Despite all the pressure, most cope well, but[Read full article…]

What Is GAD ?

Imagine that you are out enjoying a leisurely hike in the forest. You come around the bend in the trail and before stands a 10 foot angry black bear. Everything in you wants to run…but you are frozen solid on the spot. You have a million thoughts running through your mind of what is going[Read full article…]

Release Yourself From GAD Symptoms

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) symptoms can consume your life in an instant. There are moments in your life when you will be bombarded with different kinds of problems regarding love, career, finances, and the like. These factors can make you more susceptible to stress and anxiety. When this happens, anxiety can take over your life[Read full article…]

GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

A sophisticated combination of negative, anxious emotions, which includes fear, worrying and fear of consequences. Anxiety is often accompanied by physical symptoms or sensations like a racing heart, breathlessness, nausea, chest pains and sweating for example. Having GAD means that the sufferer is always anticipating a negative outcome to everything they confront, sufferers often worry[Read full article…]