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Three Basic Phobias and Fears

Many people must have some knowledge about what phobia is. Unfortunately, even if they do, they tend to use to term to mean even the slightest of fears. As a result, they may just magnify many times an issue that is not really that serious. This lack of knowledge regarding phobia and fears is not[Read full article…]


Phobia treatment can comprise of various therapies. The definition of phobia is a persistent, irrational and excessive fear of some thing or a situation. The fear is lodged in the subconscious part of the brain. It will stay there even though the conscious brain knows that the fear is unfounded. It is not really known[Read full article…]

The Uncurable Phobia

This article aims at inspiring both therapists and people “suffering” from a phobia or any other issue for that matter. I believe that people cannot have depression, people can behave depressingly; people cannot have anorexia, people can eat disorderly; people cannot have a phobia, people can behave fearfully etc. These behaviours cannot be purchased at[Read full article…]

Phobia Cures

Phobias are these intense, irrational fears which cannot be overcome even when the sufferer is fully aware (as is usually the case), that there is no reason for the fear. There may have been a very valid reason for it at some stage of your life, but not anymore. Fear is steeped in anxiety, and[Read full article…]

Finding the Fun in Phobias

Phobia. Intriguing little word. For a phenomenon that affected my life in such a dramatic, damaging and prolonged way I had expected it to be more than a metre long. Surprising things surely come in small packages. Forty years ago I was a helpless babe in a cradle. Thirty years ago the fertile breeding ground[Read full article…]

Is Hypnotherapy The Answer

Phobias are intense and irrational fears that create strong fear and panic in a person. They interfere with a person’s ability to socialize, work and in severe cases, live normally. Most people experience anxiety or fear about certain events in their lives. For example, it is stressful for the majority of people to attend a[Read full article…]

Social Phobia

Social phobia or social anxiety disorder is the constant fear of being criticized or evaluated by other people. People who suffer from social phobia are excessively self-conscious to the point where they feel that everyone around them is looking at them and judging them harshly. They become nervous, anxious and afraid of the world around[Read full article…]