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Causes of Social Anxiety

When people have social anxiety disorder or social phobia everyday situations can become very overwhelming. These feelings can become intense and can vary from person to person. People can fear different types of situations that have anxiety disorders. People that have social anxiety disorders may have some of these symptoms while they are in certain[Read full article…]

Overcoming Social Anxiety

You could call social anxiety the solitary illness. Most people with the problem suffer in silence, which isn’t at all surprising when you consider that chronic embarrassment is at the root of the problem. If you suffer from social anxiety, however, the first thing to realize is that you’re far from being alone. About 15[Read full article…]


What is social anxiety, you ask? Well, to put it simply you fear certain social situations and will go to any lengths to avoid them. This doesnt necessarily follow that youll be of a retiring nature and that you wont like social gatherings. It only means that certain specific social situations lead you to feel[Read full article…]

Different Types Of Social Anxiety

Social anxiety, or social phobia, is a condition that doesn’t necessarily have a great deal of notoriety, bit it’s a particularly painful and difficult dysfunction to cope with. Those people who are aware of social anxiety, perhaps in particular those who suffer with it, are likely to define social anxiety in terms of being anxious[Read full article…]

Stress And Social Anxiety

One of the major symptoms associated with social anxiety is stress. Stress works two ways – the social anxiety can cause it, and the stress can intensify the social anxiety. Stress can be a big problem, because it leads to other health related problems, such as high blood pressure or heart attack. Stress can also[Read full article…]

Natural Treatment Of Social Anxiety

What precisely is social anxiety disorder? It can be described as mental problem that makes individuals to undergo extreme worry of meeting with other persons. In different words, people with this issue always suspect that they’re being judged when they are with other persons. This makes them to feel embarrassed and mortified. Individuals with social[Read full article…]

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Overcoming social anxiety panic attacks can be an embarrassing and psychologically crippling experience for anyone. Millions of people all around the world suffer from anxiety of crowds, flying, driving, public speaking, even something as basic as socializing can bring on an anxiety or panic attack and ruin your day. Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is unfortunately[Read full article…]

Serial killers and social anxiety

The Countess Elizabeth Bathory is known in history for being the ruthless noblewoman who had hundreds of slave girls sadistically poked, cut, and bled. She did this out of the belief that their blood would sustain her youth indefinitely. While modern analysis can only begin to scratch the complex psyche of one of history’s most[Read full article…]

Fear of Social Situations

Social anxiety is defined as a fear, worry, emotional discomfort, or apprehension about social affairs or situations. The symptoms often occur in the early part of childhood and usually aren’t noticed until one reaches their teenage years. The exact science to social anxiety symptoms is still a mystery as well as what it relates to.[Read full article…]

What Causes Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety Disorder is a fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. People who have social anxiety often fear that they are being watched, judged, and evaluated by other people. It is often mistaken for shyness or low self-esteem. There are many different causes of social anxiety, however, the cause of social[Read full article…]

Why Are People Staring at Me?

“I’m scared, my hands are sweaty, and I feel as if I am going to vomit. Why are they staring at me? It must be the way I look. I bet they think I’m crazy. They are whispering to each other. I bet they notice that I am freaking out.” These are the thoughts that[Read full article…]