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Controlling And Curing Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panick attacks, being disorders of the mind, do not require synthetic medical treatments, but only require natural treatments.

Most of the people who have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks
would tell you that the major cause of the disorder was a fear, and
this was followed by the fear of repeated attacks. The fears build up
and leads to further attacks. This circle continues and this is what
escalates into a regular attacks.

Putting your mind off and focussing it on a more relaxing aspect of life has proved to be one of the potent techniques of controlling and cure of this disorder. Getting into meditation as soon as the attack is coming will prevent the attack. This will put the mind and body in a state of relaxation and calmness.

One can sit on a comfortable chair with his back straight, then close his eyes and take few deep breaths, slowly inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. You can then go into imaginations, For example that you’re sitting in a garden full of flowers and sweet odours. You can go on to add all sorts of splendid imaginations for as long as you feel comfortable.

You could also employ simple breathing methods that have calming and
soothing effects to wade off an attack as soon as you notice that panic attacks are coming on you. One of these methods is by sitting with your back streight against the wall. You’ll then close your eyes and place your hands on your stomach and begin to breath slowly and deeply. You’ll use your mind to watch your hands moving up as you breath in and watch it go down as you breath out. As the method mentioned above, you’ll do this excercise for as long and comforts come.

Engaging in excercising activities that promotes relaxation is another
useful way for controlling panic attacks. Yoga is a unique form of
excercises which has been recommended for people suffering from panic
attacks. It has been found calming and relaxing to the body and mind.

These techniques have been discovered to be very helpful in treating
an oncoming attack but in most cases there appears to be a need to cure the initial onset of panic attacks. The initial and original cause of panic and anxiety is fear, Besides this, there is the need to clear all fears out of our mind.