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How To Stop Panic Attacks

There are many people who suffer from panic attacks, but are unaware of the reasons why or how to get through them when they occur. The best way to stop panic attacks, is realizing why you get them in the first place. Once you get to the center of the problem it is easier to overcome the panic, and stopping it all together. These are some of the techniques of, how to stop panic attacks.

The panic attack comes from the fear of what might happen again, if I am put in the same situation. How will my body react? Will I be able to do it and get through it? Well, to answer those nagging questions, you can!

What makes you panic is fear, and how you felt the first time you panicked. Your afraid of feeling that the same way the second time around. You put all your attention and energy on what happened when you panicked the first time. Your afraid that it will happen again, so your body starts to react, and you feel like you are loosing control. Your not. Your just reacting to what you think is scary. Your only thinking about the worst possible outcome. Which you have made up yourself but not everything will happen in a negative way.

Fear is what drives you to panic but all the fear is in your head, and you can always change that fear into something good, and eventually push that fear aside. You just need to tell yourself, “It will pass.” Ways to help you get passed the panic and stopping it from happening is thinking positive and controlling your breathing.

Thinking positive goes along way to stopping the panic attack from happening. Yes, it is easier said than done, especially once you have your mind set in a certain way. However, practice makes perfect. Giving yourself positive sentences to think about when you feel like your about to panic, will help dramatically. You can always change your thought patterns and think positive. At the end of the day it is helping you to get better and be able to feel like yourself again. A way to think positive or change your thought of direction is to focus your mind on your breathing, when you start to get the symptoms of a panic attack.

Breathing is an important part of overcoming and stopping a panic attack. As you panic your body starts to react to what is making you afraid. Your heart starts to accelerate, your breathing gets heavier, you may experience sweaty palms, and sometimes your body starts to shake uncontrollably. Focusing on how you breath when you panic goes along way into you becoming more controlled in the situation. By doing this it will shift the focus, and attention onto something else.

These techniques are just some of the ways to get through or stop a panic attack. All though it easier said and done, you can only get better at doing something by practicing them regularly. You’ll find that it will get easier once your you start to feel like your panicking.