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OCD Based on Religion

Do you suffer from OCD based on religious beliefs?

You know if you do. It’s ok, because this article should help you reduce your suffering greatly. But remember you’ve got to put in the work.

The first thing you want to realize is that no matter what church or religion you are in, there are certain rituals that they perform, whether it’s wearing a style of clothes, dipping your hand in ‘holy’ water or just praying. These are not necessarily bad things in themselves, but sometimes people can take these things too far.

This kind of OCD could be that you feel like you have to get other people to do these things or they will go to hell for example. The Bible says, “fear not.” So if we are afraid that if someone doesn’t do some ritual that they are going to hell, this could be OCD. On the other hand, we know that if they don’t ask Jesus to be their savior that they will go to hell can be a scary thought, but again the Bible says, “fear not.” So that is what we must do.

God gives people free will, if you tell them your beliefs and they don’t believe you, don’t be afraid, you have said what you had to say and your conscious is clear.

In a nutshell, fearing that something bad will happen to someone if they don’t perform some kind of ritual is probably OCD. So be careful about the sneaky kinds of OCD like this.

There are also different kinds of religious OCD types, such as putting crosses all over the house, bringing your Bible everywhere, sleeping with your Bible in your arms. Be careful of these things. whatever you do, ask yourself this question, “Am I doing this out of fear?” If you are, it’s probably not God’s will and you might want to open your Bible instead of just carrying it with you.

Take action: Religion is a very touchy subject and I don’t mean to offend anyone. What the purpose here is is for you to recognize how easy it is for OCD to form in religious people. So be careful. Be wise.