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The Fear of Consequences

GAD Sufferers constantly live the fear of consequences; a pointless fear, based on what ‘might happen’ but hardly ever does. This fear comes from the anxiety response as a result of certain physical and mental changes, which happen during high anxiety. In GAD, these changes cause sufferers to feel threatened much of the time, even when no actual (real) threat exists.

This disorder affects 1 in 4 people during the course of their lives. Twice as many women as men suffer from GAD with the risk being highest between childhood and middle age. GAD can develop quickly or it may take years. GAD will cause anxiety levels to be much more intense than the ‘normal’ anxiety levels experienced on a day to day basis. Sufferers of GAD are constantly worried and fearful for no reason.

GAD is overwhelming; the constant fear of consequences of what might happen is always present, in the sufferers mind. This feeling of fear will trigger a high anxiety response which should return to a normal level once the fear has gone. Since there is nothing present to fear, only the thoughts in the sufferer’s heads, GAD Sufferers are always fearful, causing their normal level of anxiety to be much higher.

The physical symptoms of GAD sufferers may make them feel light-headed or out of breath. They may also feel nauseated or have to go to the bathroom frequently.

Because generalised anxiety is constant, it can cause anxiety / panic attacks during the day and night. GAD makes you unable to relax, and you may startle more easily. GAD makes it difficult to concentrate and often, you will have trouble falling or staying asleep. Your stomach may churn your heart race or beat slower or you may get palpitations. You may also feel sweaty or clammy, dizzy or shaky and a sense of general unrest. You may just feel as if you have the Flu with shaky or weak legs and clamminess. The high anxiety might cause you to have disturbing thoughts and make you feel depressed.These thoughts and feelings are harmless but unpleasant nonetheless.

GAD has the same root cause as other Anxiety Disorders.Something has caused your normal anxiety level to get stuck at a much higher level. This means that you are always anxious and living with the fear of consequences. A major stress in life such as bereavement, divorce, serious health or financial problems can often trigger GAD. Once GAD has developed, it will persist long term.

The Amygdala, a small organ in the brain which controls the memory and level of anxiety responses, has learned to accept this higher level as normal. This is a learned condition, although no one consciously wants to learn it, it happens subconsciously due to behaviour.

GAD is not a mental or physical illness, it is an anxiety disorder caused by a learned behavioural condition. It can be cured, but not by medicines or therapy treatments.

A permanent cure for GAD, which takes away the fear of consequences, is The Linden Method. Developed byCharles Linden, after years of research and trials, to find a cure for anxiety disorders. He was a former long term sufferer of Anxiety Disorders, and is now leading expert on the subject. He developed the cure to put an end to his own suffering, after years of treatments from the medical profession had failed him. The Linden Methodis not justanother e book; it is a complete money back guaranteed cure for anxiety disorders.