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What Are The Symptoms Of GAD?

If you are the kind of person who worries about things that, in reality, are unlikely to take place or you often feel worried, anxious or tense all day long when there is really absolutely no reason to, then you are displaying a few of the symptoms of GAD.

Everyone has fears and worries about parts of our lives but if your worrying is constant enough to get in the way of your life,stopping you from relaxing and preventing you from carrying on normally you may have GAD.

GAD is a fairly common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It tends to manifest itself as chronic worrying,general tension and nervousness with sufferers finding it very difficult to switch off and relax.

When you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder your fear isn’t related to any particular thing, occasion or event. You will feel anxious nearly all the time and your anxiety can colour every part of your life. The feeling is not as intense as, for example, someone experiencing a panic attack but instead is a long lasting feeling of anxiety that makes a normal life almost impossible.

The condition is both physically and emotionally debilitating, it saps your energy, destroying any sense of feeling good and generally wears you down. You will find yourself worrying about the same things as other people such as health, family, money and work but your worrying will be exaggerated out of all proportion.

Your worries will constantly repeat in your mind, you will be unable to turn them off.

Anyone who suffers from GAD will go through their days in a constant state of worry, thinking the worst of every situation even when there is no logical reason for their worries.

Being worried or concerned about things is a normal aspect of our lives but it is when the worrying gets out of hand and starts to get in the way of normal life that you have a problem. Excessive worrying, irrational and intrusive thoughts that keep popping into your head are signs of Generalized Anxiety. The worrying can take over your life stopping you from finding a solution.

The symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder can vary from hour to hour and day to day. You will experience good days and bad days, you might find that anxiety is worse first thing or for others, last thing at night is their worst time for anxiety. Generally, not everyone has the same symptoms but most people with GAD have some or all of the following symptoms of GAD.

Problems and worries constantly running through your head. Intrusive, irrational thinking with anxiety appearing in your head at any time.

An inability to cope with doubt and uncertainty, a need to know exactly what is going to happen in the future.

A feeling that your anxiety is out of control, that you can’t stop yourself from worrying.

An all encompassing feeling of dread or apprehension.

Being tense at all times with aches and pains and muscle pain from the tension.

Difficulty sleeping either difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

An inability to relax, almost as if your mind won’t switch off.

Can’t enjoy being alone.

You put things off because you feel completely overwhelmed by everything and avoid social gatherings where you feel anxiety.

You have trouble concentrating on things.

You feel edgy or nervous a lot, jumping at sudden sounds.

You might start to suffer stomach problems, sickness and diarrhoea.

It is important to get a professional diagnosis and getting yourself checked out. Generally speaking, if you have tended to worry or be anxious in the past you could well have developed GAD but similar symptoms can also be caused by other medical conditions and medication.